He killed three carabinieri, imprisoned a man on a premium permit


On award permission he stabbed a man in the underground parking lot of the San Raffaele Hospital a Milan. The author of the aggression is Antonio Cianci, 60 year old who in 1979 in Melzo, in the Milanese hinterland, he had killed three carabinieri. Blocked by the police, he still had in his pocket the cutter used for the attack in an attempted robbery. The 79-year-old man who was wounded in the throat would not be in danger of death.

Milan, imprisoned in a premium permit stabbing a man

The man who was the victim of the attack, which happened around 6pm on Saturday, said he was first threatened and then wounded with a cutter while he was in the underground parking lot of the San Raffaele. Antonio Cianci, still stuck near the hospital by the agents of the steering wheel, had with him the cutter, bloody trousers, the victim's cell phone and gloves. Sentenced to life imprisonment for multiple murder, he was on leave from the prison of Bollate. He was taken back to prison.

Antonio Cianci, three carabinieri killed at a checkpoint

Forty years ago, it was the night between 8 and 9 October 1979, Antonio Cianci, then twenty years old, killed three carabinieri who had stopped him at a checkpoint between Liscate and Melzo in a stolen car. While the military controlled his documents, Cianci fired, killing Marshal Michele Campagnuolo, Pietro Lia and carabiniere Federico Tempini. The military had no time to react. When he was arrested, Cianci, a native of Cerignola (in the province of Foggia), did not confess and said that some soldiers in a car had been shot at the Melzo station soldiers.

The man was then arrested following a tip-off: he was found wearing the guns he had used to kill the three carabinieri. At first instance he was sentenced to life imprisonment, a sentence later confirmed on appeal and in Cassation.

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