Arndt takes the eighth stage of the Vuelta in the sprint under the flood, Edet new red jersey


Eighth stage of a Vuelta still as tight this Saturday with 166.9 kilometers between Valls and Igualada. A rather short but rugged course with a pass of 2nd category 30 kilometers from the finish, conducive to breakaways in the long run. After a great inaugural battle, 21 men isolated themselves in the lead. The final fight was enamelled by several attacks but it seemed written that this stage was going to be played in the sprint. And despite a last baroud of honor Zdenek Stybaris, unsurprisingly, Nikias Arndt which was fastest ahead of Spaniard Alex Aranburu and Belgian Tosh Van der Sande. He therefore wins this 8th stage.

Present in the breakaway arrival with more than nine minutes ahead of the pack, Nicolas Edet take the opportunity to dethrone Miguel Angel Lopez of the throne and recover the red jersey held by the Spaniard. He too at the front today but without being able to win the final sprint, Dylan Teuns proves once again that he is in great shape. It makes an interesting close to the general and now points to a superb second place, 2m21 from the French.

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