Horoscope of the week from 11 November 2019: classification of signs


Horoscope of the week from 11 November 2019

Horoscope of the week from 11 November 2019

Horoscope ranking of the week from 11 November 2019 by zodiac sign: classification in love, fortune, study and work and weekly astrological advances.

Aries has Venus in good appearance. Enjoy this happy moment, you can have fewer regrets if it lets you go a little more, and give more space to the people you love.

Bull you've probably experienced some tension in your life as a couple. But now you're working hard to give your relationship an even more solid foundation. Gemini he will have a quite positive love life thanks to the support of Jupiter. The partner could also be an important resource because it can help you climb certain limits of your social life. For the Cancer there will be some minor setbacks in the work. Delays or misunderstandings that will waste time.

For the weekly horoscope, the desire for novelty becomes ever more pressing for the Lion. Routine and habits will weigh heavily in the couple. Virgin next week, in love, he will work to preserve balance and harmony in the couple. But a clarification, even if it creates tension, helps however to feel better.

Weight scale this week will be very warm and your partner will be happy with your interest. Couples linked for many years will rediscover the pleasure of spending more time together. At the Scorpio next week's horoscope reports tension for couples. A story can be interrupted, evolved or changed, but it will also be up to those born of the sign to decide which way to go. For the Sagittarius the period will be characterized by a good understanding in love. There is a deep complicity and, in many cases, the desire to do things together, even at a professional or cultural level. To the Capricorn next week's horoscope indicates that the risks of misunderstanding in couples will multiply. You will need to be careful to maintain a clear dialogue and a sympathetic attitude with your partner.

aquarium will have to manage a work rate that will become more intense. There will soon be a turning point. The period will be favorable to decisions. Pisces in work, look for interesting opportunities. A transfer or even an alternative could put you in a position to do something different.

Horoscope of the week from 11 November 2019: best signs in the weekly ranking

Stable signs in love, luck and success in the ranking of the week

Last signs of the horoscope of the week from 11 November 2019

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