Matteo Salvini, go-ahead to Berlusconi: who will be the governor candidate in Campania.


Matteo Salvini opens for candidacy for governor of Campania of Stefano Caldoro, proposed by Silvio Berlusconi. The writes the Time. "He has governed well, positively," he said on the sidelines of an initiative in Naples. "I do not have the right to give a license to reject or not. The name of the president is not mine, I think the team will find an agreement as soon as possible. I hope the League is the first party, because here we have never elected a regional councilor and I would like to enter with competent people. I would like them to deal with waste because here is a disaster and the incapacity is added to the connivance ".

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In Calabria, the controversy in the party's home exploded Democratic. He was the outgoing governor, Mario Oliverio, to bring the theme into the dem meeting. In the region for some time there has been a confrontation within the Democratic Party with the outgoing president ready to run for a second term and the party instead lined up on another road, that of a different candidacy. A choice that then materialized with the descent into the field of the "king of tuna", Pippo Callipo. Oliverio, as far as reported, would have said in the direction of being willing to step back, to renounce his candidacy even without the PD support, but he would have asked for "a recognition of his dignity" and above all "a renewal". A renovation that for Oliverio is not represented by Pippo Callipo. In recent days, the outgoing governor had responded to the call of the Calabrian Sardines. "Everyone takes a step back in the name of a regeneration of the ruling class," Jasmin Cristallo, referent of Sardine in Calabria, wrote in Fb. An appeal collected by Oliverio who had said he was willing to renounce his candidacy and invited Calli po and also the M55 candidate Aiello to do the same in order to converge all on a candidate for renewal.

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