Brutal Vittorio Feltri: "God save Boris and free us from Di Maio and Zingaretti"


All the conformist print of the Continent gave us a boor and even an idiot for the English premier Boris. Then, however, the elections took place and he won them, obtaining embarrassing percentages of consent for the losers.
The left practically died of old age, being unable to understand the moods and needs of the people. It has been overcome by the Anglo-Saxon reality, exactly like the Italian one massacred by the League and that lives on distorted memories, incapable of interpreting people's aspirations.

Someone insists on saying that conservatives (the right) are appreciated by the elderly (over sixty) and by the people who live in the suburbs, while Labor abounds among young people and intellectuals. But to win consultations we need suffrages, which must be counted and not analyzed from a sociological point of view. As it happens, in a democracy the age and the economic conditions are not important: the numbers are worth. Also because the boys are destined or to die or, the most fortunate, to age, therefore, the budget always squares in the same way.

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Labor across the Channel are identical to their colleagues in the Democratic Party, out of time and logic. They criticize their opponents for their hairdo, for their language, for the way they present themselves in public, for everything but for politics.
Johnson has been accused of being ignorant and ignorant, exactly the same notes given here by Salvini and Meloni to us. But the English liked and confirmed their prime minister and they are in favor of Brexit which means taking off the EU's noose and freeing themselves from the restrictive conditioning of Brussels.
In the coming months we will see what will be the destiny of England in the financial field. And if it is good, as we think, Europe will go to waste what it deserves. Because we will be faced with the demonstration of his failure, with his inadequacy to protect the interests of the citizens of various countries that have nothing in common, neither language nor culture nor laws nor customs. The collapse is imminent.
God save Boris and the queen too. And free us from Di Maio, from Conte and Zingaretti.

by Vittorio Feltri

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