The killer of the young woman killed in a park in New York is 13 years old



New York opposes robbery: 18-year-old stabbed to death in the park near the university

Caught up by the surveillance cameras and the knife in his pocket, he admitted he had participated in the girl's attack. Naming the others together with him: 13 year olds too. A second person would have already been arrested. The names of the minors have not yet been revealed, but among the first hypotheses there is that at least some of them are guests of a family home not far away.And in the meantime the dynamic becomes clearer. Surrounding Tessa was a band of four or five very young. She would have reacted, perhaps because of their young age. And this would have triggered the murderous fury of the gang: the green-haired musician would have been stabbed several times by at least three people, hit in the stomach, neck and face. Deep wounds: so much so that Tessa, dragged along a steep staircase to the entrance of nearby Columbia University hoping to find help, she bled to death. Near her the cell phone, unfortunately unloaded.

The bag and wallet have never been found. The young age of the murderers is a tragedy in the tragedy: which, if possible, is further shocking the city for its brutal violence. "It seems to me to be sunk in the past: returned to the 70s when no woman would have ever ventured alone into that park", says Maria Lopez, 61, born and raised in that neighborhood, talking with New York Times."It will be at least ten years that that park no longer scares anyone, frequented by families, babysitters, students. We thought it was now a safe place". But in reality in the last few months others had already denounced that they had been robbed there: near that same staircase, they climbed up with difficulty from Tessa. And who knows if from the same kids. The police claim to have already reinforced the controls: but evidently it was not enough to intimidate the gang. "The idea that a student was murdered in cold blood a few steps from her school terrifies me as mayor and as a parent," said Bill de Blasio. "It is not acceptable and we will do everything we can to make people feel safe again".

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