Madrid, Cop25: consultations continue. But it goes towards total failure


MADRID – This is to the bitter end even if there is less and less hope that the Madrid Cop25 will mark the turning point hoped for in the fight against the climate emergency. The two weeks of regulation were not enough, nor the 24 hours of extra time for scientists to translate the recommendations into concrete actions of nations.The climate conference organized by Chile in the land of Spain was due to close on Friday, but delegations remained in the halls of the Madrid Fair all night and all day today. And even in the evening consultations continue. But as the hours passed, despite the assurances of the Chilean presidency, it was increasingly clear that there was a balance between simple failure and total failure: positions on the three crucial issues are too far apart.
Increase CO2 emission cuts, set up financial mechanisms for aid to the most vulnerable countries from the climatic point of view, put order in the carbon market so as to avoid the double counting (as it is now formulated, there is a risk that both the selling country and the buyer country will count the quantity of emissions traded).At best, the delegates could be left with a smoky declaration of intent, giving themselves an appointment for a Cop25 bis to be held in Bonn in June 2020. In the dock the big polluting countries, starting with Trump's USA. But also Australia, India, China, Japan, Brazil.



Cop25, RockstrOm: "We have 10 years but only 7 countries have declared a climate emergency"

In the pneumatic vacuum of leadership, also denounced by Greta Thunberg right from the microphones of the Cop25, Europe has tried to take the lead, sending to Madrid the vice president of the EU Commission with delegation to the Climate Frans Timmermans. But his attempts at mediation between the large economies and the weaker countries (those in Africa or the oceanic islands that are in danger of disappearing due to rising seas) have been in vain. Weakened by Brexit and with a Green Deal not brave enough, Europe has shown that it does not have the strength to lead the game.

A failure, if confirmed, even more resounding because it comes at the end of the year in which the voice of those who, starting with the boys of Fridays for Future, raised immediate actions to avoid irreparably compromising the future of the next generations has risen.

"I have been present at the climate negotiations since their establishment in 1991, but I have never seen how here in Madrid a total disconnect between the demands of scientists and people from around the world and what the negotiators are trying to achieve", he has declared Alden Meyer, activist of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

And hard with the conference leaders was another veteran of the Cop, Jennifer Morgan, current executive director of Greenpeace International and also you at your 25th UN Climate Conference: "The Chilean Presidency has a task: to protect the integrity of the Paris agreement and not let it be destroyed by cynicism and greed". He echoed it Jamie Henn, of the NGO "A handful of noisy countries have hijacked the process by taking the rest of the planet hostage".



Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace: "Greta and the boys are heroes. Now the politicians listen to the scientists"

And in the evening Greta Thunberg also made her voice heard on the way to Stockholm after the long journey on a sailboat, train and electric car that led her to touch New York, Lisbon, Madrid and Turin. "It looks like the Madrid Cop25 is failing. Science has spoken clearly, but it has been ignored. Whatever happens we will never give up, we have just started." Speaking at the conference, he asked for immediate action and an injection of optimism. She was disappointed on both sides.

Now very little time remains: the crucial appointment is the Cop26 which will be held in Glasgow next November to implement the Paris Agreements and make binding commitments to keep the planet warming up within 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era. There was a series of deadlines (and Cop25 was one of them) to avoid reaching the Scottish summit with the water in the throat. Now we risk being submerged.

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