Banca Popolare di Bari, Bellanova: "No ambush on our part. But Conte used an incorrect method"


Minister Teresa Bellanova, why did you decide to desert the Council of Ministers on an important matter such as the rescue of the Banca Popolare di Bari?
"Unless very serious and sudden events, and this is not the case, I have never seen a council of ministers called with a phone call half an hour before. I stayed in Rome until late afternoon, canceling an initiative in Puglia to which I was very keen on it. When I heard about it, I was traveling. "Hadn't they warned her?

"No. Even less was there a summoning to examine a decree that to date none of us has seen. Because I do not believe that, to imagine its content, I should make collages of President Conte's statements, I believe that at moment does not exist ".According to 5 stars and Pd, Italy Viva had participated in the preparatory meetings and then made a sort of ambush: was it a revenge for the attacks suffered on Banca Etruria?
"Ambush? And to whom? I understand the embarrassment, but for this I would invite everyone to stay with the text. This story is not born now, involves hundreds of savers, presents enormous opacity, sees the judiciary committed for a long time. Why be surprised if a force does politics say that we need more in-depth analysis and an overall strategy? "

What is the difference between this rescue and those made by previous governments, including the Renzi government?
"We put the facts in line. In the majority comparison of the past few days it was decided: no public intervention before that of the supervisory authority with the dismissal of the management and no decree before taking final decisions. Conte himself said on Friday: no decree, except to convoke a few hours later in a hurry, before the news of the commissioner by the Bank of Italy, the CDM, here, instead of being surprised by the irritual nature of everything, one marvels at the absence of Teresa Bellanova. he asks why, in the meantime, a regional president declares to the agencies to have exerted very strong pressure on the government to rescue the bank by imagining financial measures and as a counterpart a commissioner who soon arrived. severity of these statements? "

Shouldn't the savers of the Bari popular be protected?
"Absolutely the savers. Who built this disaster with obvious opacities, absolutely not. We are to save workers and savers, not others".

But what was wrong with Giuseppe Conte: the method or the merit?
"The credit is what is written in the papers, not the press rumors. The method seems questionable to me".

Your attacks also seem to be directed at the Bank of Italy: what do you attribute to the central bank?
"In 2013 important critical issues had already been reported. And for about five years that Bank has refused the transformation – to which it is obliged – in a joint-stock company, disregarding a law of the Renzi government made in 2015 to prevent large-scale popular banks from continuing to have non-contestable governance ".

Di Maio proposes that an investment bank be set up for the south: what do you think?
"For the moment we are only at the headlines. We will evaluate when we are in a position to do so."

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