The email after the videos to "Chi l'ha visto?": But nobody knows where Claudia Stabile is


The only certainty is that he is fine. But one month after his death, it is not yet known where Claudia Stabile di Campofiorito, who disappeared on October 8th.

The mail sent to the transmission "Who has seen?" confirms the hypothesis of voluntary removal of the woman, mother of three children who has already left home in the past. The editorial staff of the transmission immediately alerted the police officers of the police station of Corleone, who, coordinated by the prosecutor's office of Termini Imerese, are looking for the woman.

Yesterday Claudia Stabile e-mailed her lawyer, Antonio Di Lorenzo, with a studio in Corleone, saying he loved his children, left with the father in the marital home, and of not wanting to make the mistakes of the past, referring to his return to the country after the three months spent in 2016 by family members in Germany, where she was born and lived for over twenty years. He wrote yesterday morning, probably after seeing the services dedicated to her Wednesday evening from the broadcast of Raitre in which the drawings of her daughter were shown in which it says "Let's hope mom is here".

Claudia Stabile and her daughter's drawing

Her husband Piero Bono and his lawyer Vincenzo Pillitteri yesterday, as Virgilio Fagone writes in the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands, they met Di Lorenzo to find a way that allows dialogue between spouses and protects their children. The man expressed his willingness to allow the three children to meet their mother, even without being present. "It is a particularly delicate moment – says the lawyer Pillitteri – and my client is very concerned about the serenity of the children. If the lady shows her willingness to embrace the little ones, she will find her husband's full availability ».

The woman, due to her escape in the spring of 2016, is already on trial with the accusations of child abduction and violation of the obligations of assistance towards her children.

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