Volkswagen Golf 8, the car that always looks ahead


Tgcom24 went to Porto to try it and discover its new features, more technological than aesthetic. First news: the hybrid version, a mild solution with a 48 Volt electric unit that assists the most powerful of the gasoline engines in the range: the 1.5 with 150 horses. But more than being the first hybrid Golf, Volkswagen is keen to define it as lfirst hybrid signed Golf, reversing a cliche that today tends to neglect the product to focus on the type of food. Golf is Golf, before anything else, and if there is so much new technology on board it is because it serves to make us travel better, in total comfort.

And here we come to the second aspect: technology. The driving assistance systems were all inserted on the Golf 8 and are standard from the first set-up, respecting the Level 2 of assisted driving. In Portugal we tried the two top-of-the-range versions of the new generation: the 2.0 TDI diesel 150 HP (price of 35.750 euros) and the 1.5 eTSI 150 CV, turbo petrol and 48 Volt electric unit (32.650 euros), both with double-clutch DSG automatic transmission. But the 6-speed manual is still present in the range.

The first road quality is what in Volkswagen they call "super handling": the car really drives with one finger, has one exceptional road holding, a steering precision that is the result of mechanical quality and predictive electronics, that is able to avoid obstacles with a natural zig-zag that leaves you speechless. It's okay not to get distracted (never do it, of course!), But the new Golf is a guarantee! And it's also fun, thanks to the powerful 150 horsepower engines, like this entering the "sport" mode the car takes off, becomes super snappy and aggressive, for an exciting driving pleasure.

Inside is super comfortable, wide and comfortable seats and plenty of space behind. But it is also the most technological Golf ever: it is always connected and the innovative cockpit includes one Active Info Display 10.25 inch screen as standard, more on request another screen of 10.25 ". In Italy the Golf 8 can already be ordered, in two versions, Life and Style, plus the special First Edition. The engine range consists of gasoline 1.0 TSI 110 hp, 1.5 TSI 130 hp, 1.5 eTSI 150 CV DSG, diesel two TDI two liters 115 and 150 hp. Prices from 25.750 euros.

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