Brive: stop dog poop !!


The subject could make people laugh, but it starts to cost the community dearly. Every year, the city of Brive would spend 10000 euros to collect 30 tons of excrement. However, small bags are available in the streets of downtown to allow the owners of dogs who relieve themselves to pick up small odorous gifts.It seems as difficult to educate dogs as their masters. So what to do?

dog poop

On his facebook page, the police station of Brive informs that if they are caught in the act of not collecting dung, the inhabitants of Brive are now exposed to an appearance before the police court, and an amense that can go up to 450 euros.

The same texts are applicable for those who do not use garbage cans.

Unfortunately, the city of Brive is not the only one to fall victim to dog poop, as evidenced by this little song.

2 minutes of the dung people

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