It looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but it's an Italian electric scooter


In the vastness of proposals in all sectors dedicated to two-wheelers, EICMA always hides a few surprises. This is the case of the Italian company Lem Motor, which has decided to embrace the growing interest in electric mobility with a rich catalog of products. At their stand, however, one can not but notice a strange moped, with decidedly science fiction lines. We are talking about Beachmad.

The first information, perhaps the most important, is that it is a medium approved and can be registered, and not intended only for private areas. It could be classified as an electric scooter, even if the shapes are unconventional, due to the power of the 2 kW engine and the maximum speed of about 50 km / h.

The load capacity is up to 140 kg, while the vehicle weighs about 90 kg. The lithium battery, which according to the data provided should be 2.4 kWh, can ensure between 50 and 70 km of autonomy based on the driver's speed and weight. From the controls it is possible to select three driving modes with different speeds. The brakes have discs on both the front and rear.

For those interested, Lem Motor has several dealers throughout the territory, but it is also possible to buy online, at costor € 3,399 including VAT, which with state incentives could drop by around 1,000 euros, making the price very interesting.

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