"The Segre escort tells us that hatred and intolerance are real". Mattarella's alarm


The escort to Liliana Segre is a sign that hatred and intolerance are real dangers, not rhetorical devices. Sergio Mattarella again takes the side of the life senator, who has been given an escort following the threats he has suffered, and states that "if it is necessary for an elderly lady who has never hurt anyone but who has been hurt by cruel child like Liliana Segre of having an escort means that these questions of children, who ask for solidarity instead of hatred, are not abstract or rhetorical but very concrete ”.

In inaugurating the academic year at the Campus Biomedical University, the Head of State explained that "children ask for solidarity and mutual aid against intolerance, hatred and opposition are not abstract but extremely concrete alternatives".

The head of state also mentioned an episode of racism in Alexandria against a 7-year-old girl. "If someone comes in a bus to tell a seven-year-old girl" don't sit next to me because you have different colored skin "; if it is necessary "to assign an escort" to an elderly lady who has never hurt anyone, but who has suffered evil as a child like Liliana Segre, means "that the questions relating to the differences between" indifference, solidarity, mutual aid "On the one hand and" intolerance and opposition "on the other are not" rhetorical and abstract but extremely concrete alternatives ".

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