Spain votes in search of stability Urns open for 37 million citizens


Seats opened from this morning to nine in Spain where the vote is being held to renew Parliament. The Spaniards, about 37 million voters, will be able to vote until 8 pm. New elections have been called after a majority was not formed in those of April 28 to give birth to a government.

The polls

The polls indicate once again the socialist party (PSOE) of prime minister Pedro Snchez, which would remain below the absolute majority. But the fear that there is an exploit of the formation of ultradestra Vox, which could become the third party of Spain, also thanks to the new tensions in Catalonia.

Six month ago

Snchez had already won the elections on April 28th, arriving largely in the lead with 123 seats, an important result but below the majority threshold of 176 deputies. Premier ad interim, after the fall of his minority government led to the vote, the socialist leader failed to form a new government despite the electoral success. Negotiations with the radical left of the anti-Podemos party of Pablo Iglesias stalled on reciprocal vetoes, while the liberals of Ciudadanos, now moved to the right, did not want to support the executive from the outside.

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