"Received several malicious acts, we have never been welcome in the country"


Giovanni Vincenti has confessed his responsibilities in thefarmhouse explosion of his property a Quargnento (Alexandria), where they are three firefighters died. The man collapsed in front of the discovery of the instruction booklet of the timer operated to make the gas cylinders positioned inside the farmhouse explode. Just a bad setting of the timer has caused the double deflagration that has not left escape to the firemen.The day after the night of the tragedy Giovanni Vincenti, interviewed by Fourth Degree, had given this explanation to the envoy who asked him if he was the real target of theexplosion: "I believe it is much simpler, an act full of ill-managed stupidity. When I arrived I saw an unreal situation. It was the war, I arrived and there was no one because the brigadier had gone somewhere else. I don't know where it was. I could hear the voices from under the rubble. I arrived three minutes later, because the second outbreak happened at half past one and I arrived at half past one. "

And again: "We have received several malicious acts over time, we have never been well-off in the country. We had two arson attacks on the farm but those responsible were never found. We suspect a person who sells gas bottles. We reviewed it after the tragedy, it only asked me what had happened and said it had memorized the time when the second explosion occurred. He had been an employee of mine, so I think his resentment towards me is tied to business reasons. If I have to think of a wrong that I could have done to him, let's talk about eighteen years ago for a value of 200 euros. The last arson that I had is recorded only by the report of the fire brigade, I have not even made a complaint to the police. However, after these malicious acts, this person always appeared to tell me 'this was it, I saw that one pass' ".

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