New collapse shortly after the first, the situation is alarming. Swallowed bikes, all safe – Photo 1 of 32


New collapse not far from the first, in Piazza Vittorio. Under the porphyry, emptiness. A new collapse occurred at a short distance from the first that, around 8.30 pm, swallowed various bikes, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, in front of Tezenis. There are no injuries, but the situation is impressive. Damages are to be assessed, as well as understanding how large the unsafe area is. Barriers being placed.

Fortunately, no injuries are recorded. No one was passing through that area, fortunately at the moment. In an emergency, the staff of the Volante intervened, keeping curious people and people at a distance. Shortly thereafter, the immediate intervention of the fire brigade, which with the help of the police – the local police also arrived quickly – has cordoned off a large area. First with the tape, then with the barriers. A large area closed to traffic, for what should be a precautionary measure. According to initial estimates, in fact, the area at risk should not extend much beyond the already opened abyss.

At the moment, it is assumed that a pipe has broken, with the water that it would then have dug up to cause failure. The Acquevenete staff also attended the event.

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