"Don't represent us", "What are you doing?" Count disputed in Taranto


The negotiation between the government and ArcelorMittal for the future of the former Ilva it is on the high seas. The executive can not find the square to reopen the game and the contract apparently could be an assist for the same ArcelorMittal. However, the Prime Minister decided to go to Taranto to meet the former Ilva employees who are currently on strike for 24 hours in all ArcelorMittal plants in the country. That of Conte in the Apulian city was certainly not a walk. The premier immediately ended up being targeted by employees who now fear losing their job. "I will speak with everyone, but calmly," said the prime minister at the plant's front desk. This is the entrance reserved for workers, the hottest trench of this protest. At this point, among the crowd one of the citizens present urged Conte: "You must know this situation". The premier replied: "I am here for this".

The same Count then also had to deal with former Ilva employees asking for the immediate intervention of the executive. What is being consumed in Taranto is a "war" between the employees and the Tarantines themselves who for years have been denouncing an environmental alarm in the city due to the presence of the steel plant. Many with banners and shouts have said to count "we want to live".

But it's not over here. The premier has listened to some representatives of the citizens who do not want the establishment in the city: "Via the shield for Mittal, in Taranto everything is granted, is the life of the tarantins worth less than those of Genoa?". In short, the tension a Taranto it immediately rose to the stars. The government continues to grope in the dark and is unable to offer a solution for a real change of course in the management of a crisis so profound that it puts the work of more than 10 thousand people at risk. The Ilva affair also declined on the political front with a risky confrontation in the majority right on the tax shield for the company. Di Maio's words this afternoon on this point are rather heavy: "If the PD presents an amendment on the shield it is a problem for the government". A declaration of war by the 5 Stars against the dem. The Ilva game is long and is likely to close badly for the executive. A government that has to deal with a dramatic split between those who want to save jobs and those who use the current crisis to revive the idea of ​​closing the factory.

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