Mattarella on the escort to Segre: "Intolerance and hatred are concrete facts"


During the inauguration of the academic year of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella dedicated a passage of his speech to the life senator Liliana Segre, who was assigned the escort after the threats received. According to the head of state, the fact that this protection measure was necessary – combined with other episodes of intolerance that have occurred in Italy in recent times – indicates the existence of a concrete problem. "If someone gets to say to a little girl on the bus" you can't sit next to me, because you have different colored skin "", said Mattarella, "or if it is necessary for an elderly person, who never has hurt no one, but the evil suffered him as a child in a cruel form, like Liliana Segre, of having an escort, means that the questions of children, who ask for solidarity against intolerance and hatred, are not abstract or rhetorical, but are concrete. "

The head of state has dedicated much of his reflection to children today. "We asked ourselves who can imagine what the world of the future will be like", he said, "and the answer is: ask your children. I think this answer is there for all to see: to try to have a peaceful life and therefore a serene cohabitation, against the selfish entrenchment, to have a sense of responsibility against indifference and irresponsibility, against intolerance, the hate". "The children," added Mattarella, "they ask for solidarity against intolerance, hatred and opposition ".

The words of Senator Segre

"Certainly I did not expect the escort, then being an old woman … I never asked for it and I never thought I would have it": explained Liliana Segre in an interview with Rainews24. "When I heard – he added – of people who had the escort I always saw them as very important and that it was therefore necessary to preserve them". The senator for life also spoke of the reasons that led her to promote the creation of a commission to combat hatred: "There is an atmosphere of hatred that I lived in deeds as well as words. To fight it, I expected, had to be applauded by all. I thought there would be a kind of competition to propose what to do against hatred ".

Full solidarity from Assisi

Support also from Assisi: «From the community of the friars of the Basilica of San Francesco, the place where the initiative against the media walls and the use of words as stones started," The Charter of Assisi ", arrive at the Senator Full solidarity and the encouragement to go on and not stop in front of the web bullies ». His testimony and life "are a point of reference for all men of good will on the themes of solidarity, peace and the common good", added the director of the Press Room of the Sacred Convent of Assisi, Father Enzo Fortunato.

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