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ROME – The countries that will put the digital tax will be hit by tariffs up to 100 per 100. The threat of Donald Trump launched a few hours after the NATO summit in London primarily affects France, which already has a law that charges taxes to the American web giants – from Google to Facebook via Amazon – and which according to the US president will be hit starting from January with duties up to 100% on assets worth 2.4 billion dollars. Not only: from Washington they say that the retaliation could also concern other capitals that should follow the Paris road, including Rome.It is "a clear signal that the United States will act against web tax regimes that discriminate or impose disproportionate burdens on American companies," warned US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, citing possible targets besides France and Italy as well Turkey and Austria. Lighthizer presented the conclusions of the tycoon survey that showed fiscal discrimination against American companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.
Just enough to make the London climate in which the 70th anniversary of the Atlantic Alliance should actually be celebrated even more than expected. A climate already strained by the question of funding from NATO and by US pressure for the allies to release Huawei for the development of 5G. Trump will see the tenant of the Elysium Emmanuel Macron in the next few hours, just as he should meet the president of the board Giuseppe Conte on the sidelines of the London summit.He will repeat to them that the digital tax is considered discriminatory by the US against American companies and that there is still time to negotiate and find a solution in the OECD. But times are tight, because a final decision is expected by January 14th. Then, without agreement, the new heavy duties on champagne, bags and other luxury goods should be launched against Paris. And on those wines and cheeses already affected by duties at 25% last month. Just as affected by 25% tariffs were some products of Made in Italy, excellences like Parmesan and mozzarella, in response to the WTO verdict on European aid to Airbus. A situation that Italy lives as an injustice and that has created some tension even during the recent visit to the White House by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.
The French digital tax provides for a 3% tax rate on the revenues that American technology companies collect in France.

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