Wild Rome and the belly "like African children": "I apologize for my lightness"


"I apologize to everyone again because in any case I said that sentence too lightly, so much so that only the next day I noticed the gaffe". So Wild Rome, in the studio a "Live – It is not the d'Urso", comments on the storm that swept her after her recent sentence in one of the Instagram stories.

"I'm starting to take it that I know my metabolism stopped! I have a belly! Do you know the African children? Here. I'm doing that," he said, talking about some pills he would be taking to lose weight.

"They told me everything, that I am racist, homophobic … from one extreme to the other. What I said was not intentional to offend, after all I also belong to Africa. My father is Tunisian. I recognized my mistake and I am aware of the nonsense I committed, but the media massacre I suffered seemed excessive to me. In Rome we use this expression to indicate when we have a belly but it is not a justification in the most absolute way. "

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