Ivana Trump: "Donald or Rossano? I prefer to be the babysitter than the caregiver!"


Ivana Trump she presented herself together with her second (and ex) husband Rossano Rubicondi in the study of "Live – It is not the d'Urso", ready to tell its story among the first nuptials with the current president of the United States Donald Trump and the former model. An important love born between the two who, despite the 23 years of age difference, are still very close today.

Although their love has come to an end, Rossano talks about the story with Ivana: "The flame has always existed, tragedies of affection and love have been happening for 20 years. Ivana is family and maybe we will return together, maybe we remarry".

Ivana's ex-husband a few months ago also has verbally attacked Ivana's children, born from the marriage with Donald Trump, judging them to be "junk" and "scum of the human race". In the studio she is asked to comment on these statements and responds like this: "I didn't like it at all, no mother would like such a thing when her children are attacked, so I disapprove, but people when they are angry or separate can say so many things, it was his mistake. My children are extraordinary. "

Speaking of his two most important love stories, he adds: “I always say that I prefer to be the babysitter than the caregiver".

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