Eva Henger: "Riccardo's only request was that we do not talk about the authorship of Mercedesz. I am disappointed"


Eva Henger, guest a "Live – It is not the d'Urso", confirms that Riccardo Schicchi he was not the biological father of his daughter, but declared: "Riccardo's will was not respected". The former porn star wastes no time in clarifying his position on Mercedesz, saying he was not angry or disappointed by the girl's lack of respect for Schicchi's sole desire. "He didn't want it to be known that he was the adoptive father and she, saying him all, did not keep his promise and his last wish".

"I remember when I told this thing to Mercedesz but she already knew" she continues talking about when her daughter discovered she was not really Schicchi's daughter. "It was her grandmother who told her about it after asking her questions at school, but she didn't care. Her parents were us, she only cared about this. "Then it continues:"The father recognized her from birth, he saw her immediately after she was born but he was not interested. When I spoke to her I asked if she would like to meet him or at least the grandparents … she waited for six months for them to call on Skype as they had said but they never made themselves heard ".

About his outburst on Instagram after his daughter's confession, Eva specifies that it would not be accusatory towards her. So, at the request of Barbara D'Urso, she turns directly to the camera to send a message to Mercedesz who is watching: "I don't understand why he tries to inflate at all costs, I just said that I would have preferred not to come on TV to talk about it for don't mess up what was Riccardo Schicchi … "

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