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Unfortunately, if you are an Inter, you have to put your heart at rest, there is no room for tranquility. The hope of living at least once in a while is to leave us who enter. It seemed that (almost) everything went the right way, we won, the standings smiled, the victory dthe San Siro against the Dortmund he had put the team back in the race for a place in the knockout stages of the Champions League and Sensi was ready to go back to making the difference in the middle of the field. But obviously we are Inter, obviously a bit of a mess we can't let us miss otherwise what fun would there be?And here the dust rises on time. 45 minutes of ecstasy in Dortmund followed by 45 minutes of tragicomic madness with outlets, controversies and headlines. This time nothing to complain, this time the titles gave them directly to Antonio With you in post-match press conference. Needless to say, this is Inter. This is the madness of the environment, this is the madness of his DNA. You can also remove the hymn that reminds you of the substance does not change.

Conte is a number one, he wanted to "normalize" Inter, take away his madness, but perhaps in order to get along with the environment one must also adapt a little and become a bit crazy in his turn. Conte has a good dose of madness already of his own, and here at Inter he discovered he didn't have to contain it. And then down the bombs: pink reduced to the bone and short since the summer, edged to the company for the wrong programs and, even if it doesn't seem, stilettate to players aimed at protecting them from too much pressure that the critics are putting on him.

All right, all clear. Conte in the content has (stra) reason, in the form also but we are sure that these words spoken before the world can be a good solution for the future?

Here the cold analysis must be replaced by the imponderable, the hope that Conte did not act only by instinct but above all by thinking about what his words could bring to the environment. How will Zhang sr. from China to such a frontal attack? How it will take it Marotta who put the Conte solution in front of everything and everyone in the summer? How will the slightly protected but slightly accused players get after the defeats? Losing burns everyone, a Conte burns much more than at all. He brings pressure and creates himself because he wants to win. He thought he could wait but he realized that maybe it is possible to win right away and WANT the company to help him by investing.

Conte's problem is that he does not weigh the words after a defeat especially if he matured in that way. A 0-2 overturned in 20 minutes obviously cannot be valerian for one like Conte but only "dynamite" that makes it explode. If I really have to choose I prefer one like this, one who does not accept defeat, one who is ill when he loses. We need one like this.

But sometimes you also need to know how to manage and Conte never does that! It burns knowing you can be close to trying but not being able to do it all the way but, as he often remembers, you must also remember where you come from. Conte didn't take a winning team but a winning team project and he knew that well. So it's enough to "hurt" the public, but head down and ride as you always did in your career. Let us not spoil what is good. The company for its part MUST help Conte. The team is clearly incomplete, full of holes and of little quality. TWO COMMITMENTS CAN NOT BE ADDRESSED WITH THE CURRENT ROSE. If you want to get serious, you have to listen to Conte and his FAME! Strength Inter always!

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