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After the sensational bomb from America, triggered by the words of Don Garber, Which shook the Italian transfer market (and not only) and that made thousands of fans dream of Milan, comes the denial that knows so much about rude awakening: the words of the Commissioner of the mls have been misunderstood, Garber never said that Milan bought Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

He has thought about the matter Dan Courtemanche, executive vice president of the communication department of the Mls, which with a tweet stated that in the interview with ESPN there was no talk of a purchase, but of a sort of close courtship of the Rossoneri club against the Swedish attacker (who , it is not a secret, he would like to return to play in Europe).

The fact that Zlatan, 38, both in the sights of Maldini and Boban has not been denied by the MLS but from what filters through the company there are no concrete results in this sense: the Rossoneri fans remain on hold.

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The bomb from America: "Milan took Ibrahimovic" "width =" 634 "height =" 475 Milan
The bomb from America: "Milan took Ibrahimovic"

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