Basketball, Serie A: Virtus Bologna returns immediately to win. Rome, playoff blow in Trento


ROME – Virtus Bologna gets up again after the defeat of Cremona and returns to victory in the league, the eleventh in twelve games played, against Brindisi. The leaders, in one of the two anticipations of the 13th day of the basketball series, won 99-87 and won well in advance a place at the final eight of the Italian Cup. In the other advance, Virtus Roma hits PalaTrento and engages the playoff train. Coach Bucchi's line-up beats the L'Aquila Trento 88-82 with a fourth quarter to the limits of perfection. The hosts in the final pay the efforts of Eurocup.

Bologna rises again after Cremona

At PalaFiera, Bologna is sometimes devastating after a slow start to the race. Brindisi immediately takes the reins of the match taking 8-14, but when coach Djordjevic sends Teodosic into the field, Virtus finds the pass 20-18 before placing a break of 16-6 which allows the Emilians to run away. Brindisi remains clinging to Banks, but the long interval is 54-43 in favor of the hosts. In the second half Bologna touches the +20 level before settling on its laurels and suffering a guest return (-8) at the end of the third quarter. In the last quarter the black V resumes grinding points and for Brindisi there is nothing left to do.

Rome turns Trento upside down

Rome passes to Trento and momentarily enters the playoff zone with five teams at 14 points. L'Aquila, driven by the enthusiasm for victory in Eurocup, started well, finding, however, the continuous response of the Capitoline formation. The first quarter ends 30 even with a triple on Dyson's siren. Trent, however, is on the ball and with a partial 10-0 signing the extension thanks to a wild Gentile. Before the half-long Alibegovic shortens the deficit and Roma goes to rest under just 5 points (52-47). The hosts continue to hammer even in the third quarter, but in the last part, thanks to the cup fatigue, collapse under the blows of Bucchi's team. The 19-0 with which the Virtus ribalta Trento leaves no way out for the men of Brienza who in the end raise the white flag.SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA-HAPPY CASA BRINDISI 99-87 (22-20, 54-43, 77-65)
SEGAFREDO VIRTUS BOLOGNA: Gaines 14, Weems 14, Hunter 7, Ricci 10, Markovic 5, Baldi Rossi 8, Pajola 7, Cournooh 15, Delia 9, Deri ne, Nikolic, Teodosic 10. Coach: Djordjevic
HAPPY CASA BRINDISI: Brown 8, Banks 22, Stone 18, Gaspardo 4, Thompson 19, Cattapan, Campogrande, Iannuzzi 2, Zanelli 14, Ikangi. Coach: Vitucci
REFEREES: Lo Guzzo, Borgioni and Galasso
NOTE: Free throws: Bologna 13/18, Brindisi 18/25. Released 5 fouls: none.
DOLOMITI ENERGIA TRENTO-VIRTUS ROME 82-88 (30-30, 52-47, 67-60)
DOLOMITI ENERGIA TRENTO: Kelly, Blackmon 28, Craft 4, A. Gentile 13, Pasture 4, Mian 5, Forray 12, Knox 6, Midnight 5, Voltolini ne, King 5, Lechthaler ne. Coach: Brienza.
VIRTUS ROME: Cusenza ne, Moore 3, Alibegovic 13, Rullo ne, Dyson 23, Baldasso 2, Pini 4, Farley ne, Spinosa ne, Jefferson 17, Buford 18, Kyzlink 8. Coach: Bucchi.
REFEREES: Baldini, Bongiorni, Nicolini
NOTE: Free throws: Trento 15/24, Rome 15/21. Released for five fouls: Craft.

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