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The post-Salzburg mutiny seems to have uncovered Pandora's box at home Naples: society and fans angry with the team, Ancelotti man alone in the midst of the storm and the same players who meditate sensational choices maybe starting in January. The withdrawal was the straw that broke the camel's back to an internal situation that was not idyllic at the start of the season, and indeed the revolt itself could have been born of market problems.

If this is the frame, Il Mattino also paints the picture in detail. It starts with the captain Insigne: not an untouchable, so much so that in the summer it could have started with a fair offer that, according to De Laurentiis, never arrived. The frictions with Ancelotti and the mediation of Raiola served only to calm the minds but not to resolve the situation: contract expiring 2022, in June or we will talk about renewal or it will be goodbye.

If for Insigne the next seven months will be decisive, Callejon and Mertens they could also consider starting in January. Both expire in 2020, with the words of De Laurentiis who look like a boulder on their future: "I made him a proposal but for me they are overpaid for the age they have. If they want to leave for more money I will not oppose them". This is why the Chinese options are back in fashion, even though two like the Spanish and the Belgian could also be very comfortable in Serie A, Inter (given Conte's requests) and Milan (who needs experience) above all.

Finally a lot of attention to Allan, which last January saw the transition to PSG fade away (taking a few months to mentally re-enter the Naples project), and Koulibaly, armored by a 150 million clause but on which De Laurentiis in unsuspecting times had said: "Sooner or later I will be forced to sell it, as Fabian Ruiz". The Spanish midfielder, in fact, is already in the sights of Real Madrid and Barcelona …

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