"Inter, two grafts in January. Conte gets angry like a beast"


Long analysis of Fabrizio Biasin, between the pages of today's edition of Libero, about the moment of Inter after the release of Antonio Conte after the Dortmund defeat. The journalist comments on the words of the technician: "The fact that one of the best technicians in the world expects the maximum is quite obvious: since football has existed, all his predecessors have" asked "more or less explicitly (he did Mancini, Mourinho has done it, Spalletti has done it, just to mention the most recent ones), what clashes is the timing, as well as the ways. Raising the voice at the beginning of November makes little sense for two reasons: the summer market has been closed for a while, the winter market will open in a while. Complaining now has little sense and has the sole effect of raising the tension in a group that despite its latest stumbling is doing its duty very well.

Yes, it's true, Inter has some staffing problems, particularly after the last blow, or Politano's ankle sprain that will keep the attacker out for at least a month. With Sanchez in the pits until January, up front, on balance, only three remain: Lautaro, Lukaku and the very young Esposito. The annoyance of the technician, in any case, does not depend only on the number of players available, if anything, he is the son of a situation currently without solution: it is played every three days and, therefore, it is impossible for the team to be able to give its technician the 'maximum intensity that is the prerogative of football' they count".

The market

To succeed in the enterprise the former coach would need a "double squad", a plant that in Italy has only Juve and that the Nerazzurri – released in June by the notorious settlement agreement – cannot yet afford. The Chinese property of Inter, which is then the Zhang family, last summer imposed a great change of gear: it invested what was allowed by the rules of financial fairplay (in fact, more than that, there is talk of over a hundred million euro) and, before that, he chose to focus on the best technician on the market, that is Conte himself. He offered a very important contract (11 million), from him he claims that we can shorten (not zero, shorten) the distances with those who in recent years have made a void (Juve, but also Napoli).

Conte is succeeding but fears that in the long run the problems may increase. He's right, but the fact is that Inter can't do much to please him: not because he doesn't want to, but because he can't. In January the club will replenish the squad with a couple of grafts, one in midfield and one in attack, but only if the market offers real possibilities and only on "smart" conditions (no multi-million dollar outlay). This situation is not "new", if anything, clear since last summer: Inter must grow one step at a time and must do so following the rules imposed by UEFA. He is succeeding and it is there for all to see. The merit is of a group that certainly has some limits but it is also well built, the merit is above all of a great coach who has only one, true defect: he gets angry like a beast even when he could do without it ”.

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