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Thirteen victories and three draws in sixteen official matches are not enough for Juve. Despite a very positive start to the season in terms of results, Maurizio Sarri has not yet managed to draw a clear line of demarcation with Max Allegri's team. Sarri's Juve always wins in size, scores little and suffers little. And, with rare exceptions (the match with Inter, the first half with Napoli, a piece of the match with Atletico Madrid), does not play that kind of football that many, primarily Juventus fans, expected of to see. And then there's the Cristiano Ronaldo case to keep the environment at bay and make the environment less peaceful: a case whose causes are above all physical (CR7 is dealing with an inflammation of the collateral), but not only. In fact, there is also the role of the Portuguese in discussion, and the way in which Sarri has set his team's game so far …THE WRONG ROLE: RONALDO IS A CENTRAVANTI – Let's start with the role of Ronaldo. Fabio Capello is right, when he claims that CR7 does not jump the man anymore because he has lost agility. There is also the other side of the coin, according to the former great coach now commentator: "Agility is lost over the years, but you buy something else: in the area, Ronaldo is much, much stronger than before, a crazy striker. The number one in the world. At the wing, now no. I remembered it overflowing, and today it is no longer overflowing. But it will still be very useful to Juventus. Only, it will be a different Ronaldo, in evolutionary phase. He had already started at Real Madrid, moving further into the area". The Juve fans will remember the goal in reverse at the Stadium and the goals scored by Cristiano in Cardiff: his position, in those cases, was precisely that of center forward, with Benzema dedicated only to the function of opening spaces to it and then slipping away. At the beginning of this season, Sarri made a big mistake in evaluating that he thought that the 1985 class of Funchal could play wide in 4-3-3. And maybe Ronaldo himself thought he could cover it, that role. Then Sarri corrected the shot, turning 4-3-1-2, but there is no doubt that, in the schemes of the former coach of Naples and Chelsea, Ronaldo has not yet found the ideal location due to its current characteristics. And the fact of having Higuain and Dybala as classmates, both not very compatible with Ronaldo, does not help Sarri. It is no coincidence that Juve wanted to sell both …

SARRI PENSA ESPECIALLY TO DEFENSE – In addition to the position on the pitch, the general approach of the Bianconeri game, at this moment, does not help Ronaldo (and the other attackers) to express themselves at their best. Apart from the traumatic start of the 2015-16 season, of the last nine Juventus the current one is the one that has scored less in the first 12 league games: 2011-12: 22 goals scored; 2012-13: 29; 2013-14: 26; 2014-15: 28; 2015-16: 16; 2016-17: 25; 2017-18: 35; 2018-19: 26; 2019-20: 20 goals scored. To build his Juve, Sarri, in spite of the prosopopea of ​​the beautiful game (more of the 'Sarristi' than his, to tell the truth), has privileged so far one aspect: first rule, keep the ball and not take goals. There will be time to play even a spectacular and rich goal kick, Ronaldo allowing …

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