Tom Felton identifies himself in the term 'self-partnered', coined by Emma Watson


Emma Watson revealed in an interview to consider herself 'Self-partnered' rather than single. The term, coined by the actress herself, would indicate those people realized and happy in the absence of partners. The statement sparked a wide range of reactions, including one in particular from a colleague and friend: Tom Felton.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Tom Felton – Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film saga – spoke of the term 'self-partnered' used by Watson, confessing to happily identify himself within that category.
"I like it! This is the first time I've heard of it but it's great. I'm in the same category, to be honest, quite happily 'self-partnered'" the actor explained.
"I think that nowadays it is not a necessity to be with someone just for the sake of being with someone, so I like the idea of ​​'self-partnered'. I think we need to love ourselves before we can love someone else, so it's a start ".

The 'self-partnered' topic was born from an interview of the actress with British Vogue:"I never believed those who said 'I am happily single' and I said 'this is the usual twist. It took me a long time, but I am very happy to be. My name is self-partnered. I was wondering why everyone they worry when they reach 30? "I didn't see it as a big problem. Then when I was 29, I said to myself" Oh my God, I'm stressed and anxious, and I realized that I was also influenced by the subliminal messages I received. If you don't have a home, a husband, a child and you're about to turn 30, and you don't have a safe job, or you're still thinking about what to do … Here, all of this creates incredible anxiety ".
Tom Felton also focused on his relationship with Emma Watson, which in the saga was Hermione Granger:"For me it's always nice to meet you, to see you on the beach or at dinner or something else" he said "(Emma) is an incredibly intelligent and adorable girl, so it's always nice to meet and remember lightly the old times but also look to the future".
The actor a few days ago ruled out a reunion with the original cast for The curse of the heir, while Rupert Grint had spoken of a film inspired by the piece.

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