Paul Fox Horoscope today November 14, 2019: news of the day


Paul Fox Horoscope today November 14, 2019

Paul Fox Horoscope today November 14, 2019

Paul Fox horoscope tips today November 14, 2019 for each zodiac sign in love, luck, health, study, work and success.

Aries with the Moon in good looks to Jupiter, it has the ideal conditions to be happy, although there is a difficult choice to make. Jupiter is about to end the beautiful appearance that has benefited you for some time. Bull he will have to be patient, especially since Mercury will stabilize in opposition and will have difficulty establishing good communication with others. This will last until 9pm and you will be particularly sensitive and emotional.

Gemini has Venus opposed and dissonant to Neptune and today's horoscope November 14, 2019 indicates that your love life could be a bit too confusing. You're at the mercy of emotions, and it's not easy to choose. Cancer will have a positive day this Thursday.

Although there is some conflict with a family member or you feel worried about something. Don't be too hard on yourself. Lion, next week will be very interesting for feelings. News and lucky encounters especially for singles who want to fall in love. In general, Paolo Fox's advice is to live and appreciate the beautiful minds for those who are. Today's horoscope Thursday 14 November 2019 is positive for the Virgin, although the stars also invite attention to the dissonance of Venus and Neptune. Because this dissonance could push you not to make good choices.

Weight scale has Mars and Jupiter who are looking good this week and it is so positive that it also brings optimism to the people around it. You must take the initiative, without asking yourself what others will think of you or if it will be a failure. The more you see your potential successes, the more likely you are to achieve them. Scorpio, whatever concerns communication, exchanges, transfers, there is a slowdown, but things will resume their normal course after day 21. Retrograde Mercury can also slow down one of your activities.

Sagittarius it has Venus that invites us to be more prudent and to pay attention to the illusions of love, with the excesses of idealization. Venus creates a dissonance with Neptune that will be even stronger between Thursday and Friday. Those born of the sign Capricorn sometimes they are a bit problematic. Faced with a problem that torments them or important changes, they need time to react. Your goals must change. All 'aquarium like to switch from friendship to love, or from one to the other. What matters to you is how you feel and how intensely you love. Venus could also favor one of your projects. A wrong choice of the Pisces it could still have consequences today, even if you are aware of it. But things will change soon and you will feel more free to act.

Paul Fox Horoscope today November 14, 2019: love, luck, study, work and success


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