United States: her car smells burnt, she discovers more than 200 nuts hidden under the bonnet by squirrels


Squirrels are foresighted animals who, at the approach of winter, constitute reserves of food. If he did not know it yet, a couple living in Pittsburgh, in the northeastern United States, has seen for himself that this is not a misconception.

In a post posted on Facebook, Chris Persic told the story he had with his wife on October 7th. On this day, she calls him and explains that their car is a weird noise and a burning smell emerges from the engine. Chris Persic then asks him to open the hood. When she runs, she discovers a real treasure of war amassed by the squirrels of the neighborhood where the couple lives.

One hour to clean

According to the Pittsburgh resident, "more than 200" nuts were stored on the engine, as well as a large amount of grass. "There was everywhere, under the battery, near the radiator", he told CNN. "The nuts on the engine block were black and smelled as if they were grilling." "It took an hour to clean up, they had made a reservation for the next three winters," he added on the social network.

The car was driven to a garage where it was confirmed that nothing had been damaged. The affair amused the couple a lot but it could also have ended badly. Fortunately, the grass was wet and therefore did not ignite on contact with engine heat. A story that pushes Chris Persic to warn those likely to experience the same misadventure: "If you park outside, consider lifting the hood occasionally."

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