Facebook to broadcast News Corp newsgroup articles in the United States


The US giant takes a new step in its commercial strategy: in the United States, Facebook will broadcast articles from News Corp. newspapers.

Facebook has announced this Saturday, October 19, 2019 that it will broadcast articles from newspapers News Group newsgroup, belonging to the Murdoch family, in its future section "news", without however specify how they will be paid.

Edited by experienced journalists, the "news" tab will be separated from the classic Facebook feed showing posts from users' friends, according to Facebook, which is moving away from its habit of letting the algorithms alone direct the experience of its users.

2.4 billion monthly users

The social network to 2.4 billion monthly users intends to launch its new service in the coming weeks, first in the United States.

"I am delighted that we have the opportunity to add award-winning journalism from Wall Street Journal – and other US News Corp titles – in our news section »said Friday in a statement Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

No details have been provided on how News Corp could be paid. Last month, a spokesman for Facebook said the social network intended to pay "A subset of publications that can consistently provide a certain amount of original content based on facts".

According to an article Wall Street Journal in September, Facebook plans to pay a quarter of 200 publications that should appear in its new tab.

Facebook and Google have become sources of information

Facebook and Google have become sources of information for their billions of users and dominate the global advertising market, while historical publications, whose traditional recipes (piece sales, non-digital advertising) have collapsed, are struggling to most to generate income online.

Facebook has also been heavily criticized in recent years because of the spread of "fake news" and a lack of protection of the personal data of its users.

News Corp CEO Robert Thomson is pleased that Zuckerberg seems determined "To see that high quality journalism has a viable future".

A team of journalists at Facebook will be responsible for selecting the headlines and main articles reproduced in the news tab, while algorithms will determine what other content will be highlighted for each user of the social network, according to "signals" such as favorite pages, subscriptions to publications or interactions with news sites.

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Facebook to broadcast News Corp newsgroup articles in the United StatesOuest-France.fr

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