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The owner of a female German mastiff had a great surprise when she saw the color of the coat of one of her pups newborn … It is not to say that it was special!

In the United States, a German Mastiff gave birth to a puppy … all green, tells the KRDO channel. This small animal with very special coat was born in the city of Canon (Colorado).

The owner of the three-year-old dog said that the litter had eight puppies. She first thought they were all black, before approaching her flashlight … and seeing that one of these newborns had green hairs.
"It was so shocking when he was born," said the owner. "Fortunately, I recently read an article about a green dog. So I knew at least what was going on.

The small dog must, in fact, this specific coloring to its exposure to a substance called biliverdin in the womb of his mother. A rare case, but not unique. However, the color should fade over time, allowing the young animal to wear a coat of normal color.

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