6 Young "Ambassadors of the Associative Engagement" in the United States


Their names are Lea GARNIER, Clarisse LOUISON, Evans BERTHELOT for Guadeloupe and Hiba OUANICHE, Djessy DISER, Yann LECHEVALIER for Martinique. They are "Ambassadors of the Associative Commitment." Young high school students devoted to voluntary citizen actions in associations Their goal: to be a good citizen, to be aware of the world around them and to become more independent. an associative project to create solidarity with young Americans and other French.From October 19th to November 2nd, as "Young Ambassador of the Associative Engagement", they will represent France and will participate in Washington, Denver, Chicago in meetings and debates with associations and young people on the themes of the diversity culture, identity, equal opportunities and community involvement.

36 young French are at the start and during their stay in the United States as a field actor, they will meet with American associative actors with whom they can share their experience. On their return to France, they will have to develop over several months an associative project for their region and present it to their comrades from the regions of France participating as they do in the program.

Listen to the testimonies of Evans Berthelot, Lea Garnier and Hiba Ouaniche before their departure:


The young "Ambassadors of the Guadaloupe and Guinean-Guadeloupe" – Guadeloupe – Lea Garnier

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