Video. "Morocco is a major military ally of the United States", says AFRICOM commander


By Mohamed Chakir Alaoui and Yassine Benmini the 29/08/2019 at 20h06 (updated on 29/08/2019 at 20:09)

Cover_Vidéo: • Morocco is a major military ally of the United States, according to the head of AFRICOM

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The new commander of the United States for Africa (AFRICOM), General Stephen J. Towensend, welcomed, on the occasion of his visit to Rabat on Thursday, the importance of the US military alliance. United with Morocco, "a strategic partner in the region". Details.

Responding to a question from the 360, on the sidelines of his first visit to Rabat where he met senior military officials, including the Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), Lieutenant General Abdelfateh Louarak, Stephen J. Towensend emphasized "Morocco's role in regional security, particularly in the Sahel region," where terrorist threats are a concern for West African countries.

He further said that the military cooperation between Morocco and the United States is "rich and diversified".

This exemplary cooperation is manifested in Exercise "African Lion", considered among the most important interallied exercises in the world.

The 2020 version will see the participation of 3,000 soldiers from 20 countries, he revealed, before taking off his plane to Washington.

For clarification, the United States Command for Africa is one of the six geographic commands of the United States Department of Defense.

By Mohamed Chakir Alaoui and Yassine Benmini

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