United States: Harvard Palestinian student deported after revocation of visa


IMMIGRATION – One of the largest universities in the world is also affected by the migration policy of the Trump administration. According to the Harvard newspaper, the CrimsonIsmail B. Ajjawi, a 17-year-old Palestinian living in Lebanon, was expelled from the United States shortly after arriving at Boston Airport, a city adjacent to the campus of the prestigious university, where he was expected to start preparing his September.

According to the university newspaper, on arrival, the teenager was interrogated for several hours by immigration officials, before seeing his visa revoked.

Indeed in a text written by Ismail B. Ajjawi and taken by the Crimson, the latter explains that he was detained by the agents for eight hours. During which time they questioned him about his religious practice in Lebanon.

One of them also searched for five hours in the computer and the laptop of the young man.

On his return, the agent then asks him about messages posted by his friends on social networks in which they express opinions "opposed to the United States": "I replied that I had nothing to do with these messages and that I did not like them, did not read them and did not comment on them. I also told him that I should not be held responsible for what others post, "he says, quoted by the newspaper. "I never posted a single message on my networks dealing with politics," he continues. Following this, the young man was finally deported to Lebanon.

According to Crimson, the student is currently legally supported by his university, to try to resolve the situation. The latter also receives legal aid from AMIDEAST, an organization that helped him obtain a university scholarship.

The case quickly made the rounds of the American media but was also widely commented on social networks where many netizens expressed their anger at the treatment suffered by the young man:

"A 17-year-old Palestinian boy admitted to Harvard was given a canceled visa and was deported because US officials searched his phone / laptop and said his friends had issued messages criticizing the states. -United. Yep "

"The US authorities have canceled the visa of a young Palestinian after his arrival for his first year at Harvard. Why? The student said an officer said he had "found people posting opposing political views in the United States." Not even on his own thread. That's all it took. "

Here is some information about what happened to the Palestinian teenager admitted to Harvard who was deported when he landed in Boston – apparently in part because immigration officials did not like what his * friends * had posted on social media. It is a scandal."

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