Polemic after a huge anti-clandestine operation in the United States


This is a huge net that was conducted Wednesday by the US Migration Police. Authorities arrested about 680 agribusiness employees in the state of Mississippi, a massive operation that prompted criticism on Thursday. The round robin targeting poultry factories has been presented by the authorities as the most important target in one day a state for at least a decade.

According to local media reports, children only learned of their parents' arrest when they returned from school. In tears, they implored the authorities to release them: "I need my father and my mother, my father did not do anything, he is not a criminal," said Magdalena Gomez Gregorio, 11 , at the WJTV channel. Friends and neighbors took care of the children and took them to a gym where they spent the night. According to WJTV, all returned home or were given to family members on Thursday.

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A timing that surprises

The lack of explanations on the reasons for investing these industrial sites on Wednesday, the date chosen by Donald Trump to pay tribute to the victims of two recent shootings that mourned the Hispanic population, also raised questions.

"The very day that the president is supposed to comfort a population in pain and pay tribute to the American diversity in El Paso, his administration feeds fear on the contrary by massive migration roundups in Mississippi," said Democrat Joe Biden, leading the race to become Donald Trump's rival in the 2020 presidential race.

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What happens to children?

Other voices worried about the consequences of these arrests having separated families. "My main concern is: what happens to children? Asked CNN William Truly, the mayor of Canton, one of the theater cities of the anti-clandestine operation. The authorities had ensured that special family situations had been taken into account so that no child would be left abandoned.

Finally, some adults, handcuffed during their arrest, were detained pending deportation, others were released, others were summoned to a subsequent court hearing and placed under electronic control. This distribution has not been made public. Denouncing an "invasion," President Trump recently pledged to speed up the process of deporting "millions" of migrants to the United States illegally. It accuses them of weighing on the American job market, even if the unemployment rate is at its lowest and that these illegals often occupy positions with great difficulty, particularly in the agricultural sector.

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