DJ Arafat's funeral: after his ban at the "Daishikan" tribute ceremony, Ariel Sheney reveals what he is preparing …


After announcing his absence at the funeral of his mentor, DJ Arafat, at the Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny in Abidjan, following the "categorical" refusal of the staff of "Daishikan" and "Chinese", Ariel Sheney does not give up.

Committed to paying tribute, in his own way, to the international "Yôrôbô", Ariel Sheney does not wish to be on the sidelines of the funeral of his mentor, despite the ban imposed by the organizing committee and the fans of the late artist .

Being already a singer artist, Sheney decides to "translate his mourning into music" in the night of Thursday, July 29, 2019 on his youtube channel, he announced from his facebook page, adding that "an artist never dies . "

The author of the song "Amina" also revealed on Wednesday, August 28 that he was contacted by the musicians who played with "DJ Arafat" to be the conductor, in order to pay homage to the deceased. After this news, he was surprised to learn in a concordant way that, the staff of the artist and some fans, categorically refuse to see some people at the stadium Felix HOUPHOUET BOIGNY, which he was at the top of the list "

After this refusal, he still wanted to present his "most sincere and saddened condolences to all the people of Côte d'Ivoire, to the family of African music and especially to the family of the deceased" DJ ARAFAT " his mentor.

Idriss KONE (stg)

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