Barcelona's candidates for the 11th of the year of UEFA


11. Arturo Vidal

The good season of Arturo Vidal last season has served to be among the 55 nominees for the XI of the year of UEFA. The Chilean had started as a substitute, but his good performances made his minutes increase.

10. Busquets

As every year, Sergio Busquets is nominated for this XI, although never or almost never is present in the final XI. It is true that the Spanish is still one of the best in the world in his position although his performance has dropped somewhat last season.

9. Piqué

Gerard Piqué was one of the best centrals in the world last season. At first it was hard to start, but when he did it was with Van Dijk possibly the best. He is also, of course, nominated for this XI.

8. Luis Suarez

It is true that the charrúa is getting more and more difficult to reach his best level, but despite this he is one of the candidates to enter the ideal XI of the season, although it seems difficult that he will be in the final XI.

7. Arthur Melo

The emergence of Arthur Melo in European football last season was so great that the Brazilian is nominated to enter this XI. It is very complicated that he finally enters the Xi, if not impossible, but to be his first season in Europe is very good.

6. Jordi Alba

Once again, Jordi Alba's season in Barcelona has been almost perfect. Spanish was constant throughout the course, being one of the team's top assistants. It is true that in Anfield he could do something else in the goals, but like almost the entire defense.

5. Rakitic

The Croatian is another of the players nominated for the best XI of the season. Rakitic has played all or almost everything with Barcelona de Valverde, and that gives him being here. His performance has been improved in certain phases of the season, so it seems difficult to be in the final XI.

4. From Jong

Although the merits to be here have been with Ajax and not with Barcelona, ​​Frenkie de Jong will be with total security in the best XI of the season. In addition, the Dutchman was recently awarded the best midfielder in the Champions League.

3. Griezmann

Like Jong, Griezmann is here because of his merits, not with Barcelona, ​​which has just arrived, but with Atleti. The Frenchman is like almost every year nominated to be part of the best XI of the UEFA season.

2. ter Stegen

Marc André ter Stegen's season has been to frame. The German has been enshrined in the top 3 best goalkeepers in the world, and it is that the security he has and the incredible footwork he possesses, in addition to the great stops, make him nominated.

1. Leo Messi

Leo Messi will be safely in the best XI of the season. Not only that, but he is also the favorite with Virgil Van Dijk to win the Best award, which is the best player of the season. One more year the flea has touched football excellence.

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