Weather Alert, Schools Closed Monday 11 November due to bad weather caused by the Mediterranean Storm


Weather Alert – The new violent wave of bad weather which is starting to hit Italy in these hours with heavy rains in Sardinia, will evolve into a very dangerous Mediterranean Storm tomorrow, Monday 11 November, to then reach the most extreme "highlight" the day after tomorrow, Tuesday 12 November. The competent authorities are in pre-warning and are waiting, in the afternoon, for the issuance of the usual official weather protection bulletins and notices to adopt all the decisions necessary to protect public safety. Indeed, the scenario is particularly extreme:

Weather Alert, Mediterranean Hurricane in formation: DEVASTATING scenario for Monday 11 and Tuesday 12, destructive bad weather in the South

Even tomorrow the schools could be closed in many municipalities where the bad weather will be very intense, even if based on the latest updates of the models the extreme phenomena will begin to ascend from south Italy only during the afternoon. However, for precautionary purposes, in many municipalities the schools could be closed by the Mayors with a specific ordinance.

During the afternoon we await the detailed bulletin on civil protection and then the decisions of the Mayors: in this article we will publish the list of municipalities that will eventually close the schools.

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To monitor the situation, here are the useful pages to follow the weather situation in real time:

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