"Withdrawal? Words of Ancelotti agreed with the president"


Sky, Marchetti: Ancelotti's words on the withdrawal agreed with the president, problems born in the Salzburg post-match

Luca Marchetti, a Sky Sport journalist, spoke of the chaos that broke out in Ancelotti's home in Naples

Latest news Napoli soccer – Luca Marchetti, journalist of Sky Sport, has released some statements to "Marte Sport Live", a broadcast broadcast on Radio Marte:

"We don't know who's right and who's wrong at home in Naples, I think everyone has his responsibility, but everything is brought back to personal relationships and things get bigger when there's irritation. The relationships that arise and take place within the contract renewals, in this situation, all weigh.

Ancelotti's withdrawal from the withdrawal appears to have been agreed with the president. I don't think that the break was generated with the public exit of the coach, rather in the post game, when the team thought it was finished the withdrawal ".

Luca Marchetti on Ancelotti

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