League of A, Cicala wobbles. The CONI monitors and Mediapro makes no new offers


Tuesday, December 17th, the Coni Council will not only talk about the (bad) relations between Malagò and Sabelli, but will also turn on a "beacon" on the situation of the Serie A League and on that commissioner decided in a hurry by the Football Association. The Giunta will ask for clarification in Gravina, as it has recently done with other Federations. Tomorrow (Monday) an elective assembly of the most important League will be held in Milan but even before deciding whether the time to choose the president really came, the twenty fathers-masters of the ball will discuss the role of the commissioner ad acta, Mario Cicala, chosen by the Federal Council of the FIGC after the resignation of Gaetano Micciche with a move that everyone did not like. Cicala clumsily tried to justify his role as a substitute member of the Lazio supervisory board, explaining that he had never become "effective". Consequently, according to him, "there was never any relationship between me and Lazio". The substance does not change. Cicala did not tell Gravina that he had that job, and neither did his relations with Lotito. The FIGC was wrong not to verify his resume and was wrong to choose him as ad acta commissioner of the League. Now we try to run for cover: many clubs, even important ones, will attack tomorrow, even heavily, Cicala. To which only one road remains, the resignation. The FIGC will make its "assessments" at the end of the assembly then on Thursday, when the whole world of football will be in Rome for the Amateur League party, it could convene a federal council and choose another commissioner, hoping it won't have too many conflicts of interest . All this will not happen if the president is elected tomorrow, but for someone like Cairo, the time is not yet ripe and there is no need to make hasty decisions. However, the hypothesis Paolo Dal Pino (see Spy Calcio on December 14th) is still standing, which should be presented by Paolo Scaroni. It is not known if he will have the 14 votes needed to pass, perhaps we will have to wait for the next assembly (7 or 9 January) when the quorum will drop to 11. And for example, Lotito seems to control nine companies. But there are presidents, important clubs, who are still trying to convince Gaetano Micciche to take the step back, but the gentleman-banker for now does not even think about it (especially in the face of these scenarios …). If by January 16 the League will not find its president, then it will go to phase 2, with a real commissioner and no longer ad acta like now. With consequent forfeiture of all the management bodies, with the exception of the federal councilors Lotito and Marotta (this according to an interpretation by Lotito). The group linked to the n.1 of Lazio would also like to change the statute (need 14 votes) and eliminate the figure of the CEO. De Siervo still has the contract until 2021 and if they want it to go away they have to liquidate it to his full satisfaction. Meanwhile, no new offer by Mediapro for Serie A TV rights and negotiations currently closed without stable governance in Lega Serie A. This is what filters from environments close to the Spanish group, which therefore tomorrow, during the club assembly of the top flight, will not present any new proposals. The last offer of Mediapro is in fact the one that the League received last November 4th, expiring on November 30th: an offer on which Serie A did not vote in the assembly of November 25th, postponing the speech. However, sources familiar with Mediapro know, to date the deal has to be considered concluded and until the League has stable governance there will be no reopening. In the event that the parties do not return to negotiate, the legal dispute over the 64 million deposit paid by the Spanish group to the Serie A for the 2018/21 TV rights, the contract then resolved by the League, is always open in the background.

Gold collars with the Premier Conte and with Spadafora

Tomorrow, Monday, at the monumental gymnasium of the University of the Foro Italico will be held the ceremony for the delivery of the Coni Gold Collars (live Rai 2, 11 am). The Premier Count will also intervene as expected in a long tradition. There will be all the sporting world with presidents Giovanni Malagò and Luca Pancalli. Also present was the Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, so far only a spectator of too many events, from the Olympic law to the case of racism, passing through Coni-Sport and Health. Without obviously forgetting the League of A … At the end of the ceremony possible Olympic summit with the minister, Sala, Zaia, Ghedina, Fontana and Malagò.

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