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What a beautiful game, how superb Monday Night. At home CagliarThe team that has managed to beat Juventus, the only one of all, arrives. And that it was incredibly close to the two contenders who had gone upright on the pedals. Now for the Lazio there is this mica rock to laugh about, the centennial Cagliari is a squadron taken by the hand from Ninja Nainggolan, applauded by those who dream of him and who had him (not all …). Eight victories and five draws are an "unbeaten run", players on the ball to make an impression on Lazio as well. Which in the last ten has eight wins and two draws. They mark as if there were no final whistle, both of them: I don't really believe in a game of drafts or thread in midfield. Goals. In Series C round B is played for the very high ranking with Reggio Audace-Padua, third and fourth. After the defeat with the leaders Vicenza, for the Reggio everything went super smooth with four draws and four victories, a path of promotion or minimum from the playoffs. Padua instead suffered three strands in a row but recovered with two wins and a draw. The number of Xs scored so far by the hosts, eight, can make you think of a race seasoned with minimal risks. Also because the Venetians suffer very few goals, ten: only one more than Vicenza.

An amazing number in direct confrontations between Guingamp is Troyes, in Ligue 2. From 1999 to today, when the two teams meet, the no-goal comes out with a frequency that is very little to define as anomalous. Over twenty games (including a friendly match) the no-goal has shown up sixteen times! And so we go with history, to make legend.


Cagliari-Lazio goal (share 1.55)

Reggio Audace-Padua X (3.05)

Guingamp-Troyes no-gol (1.73)

The post is worth 8.17 times the post

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