News Calcio Napoli, Ancelotti exonerated: the substitute is ready


News Calcio Napoli, Ancelotti released: Spalletti ready

Latest Calcio Napoli, Ancelotti in the balance: the technician could be exonerated shortly. One thing is certain, Carlo Ancelotti he will no longer coach the Azzurri after the end of the season. As reported by Tuttosportin fact, the night was used to let off some anger and find some lucidity in the chaos that had broken out after the game.

Now De Laurentiis he is forced to handle an affront that he would have liked to charge Ancelotti in the first place, considered the main person responsible for the desertion. For this reason, the coach himself was the recipient of a morning call from the owner. Napoli and its lawyers worked to unilaterally terminate Ancelotti's contract without paying penalties.

The president of Naples, in fact, was also ready to dismiss the coach. But it would have cost him too much: for now he is going ahead like this, knowing that the situation is incandescent in the locker room, so much so that he can even convince the coach to resign. The technician, among other things, would have already found a new team as emerged yesterday.Ancelotti

Latest Naples: here is the substitute

Meanwhile, the Azzurri are working for a change on the bench. The first name in the notebook is that of Luciano Spalletti, currently without a bench, yet still holding a biennial for about 5 million euros net, about 20 gross for Inter. The Nerazzurri company would be happy to get rid of its former coach but, as happened with the negotiations with Milan, the Tuscan demands the payment by the Nerazzurri of the entire sum.

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