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It is not certain that goals arrived four minutes after the ninetieth turn out to be harmful for Lazio. It is not certain that the old genoano Ntcham, who entered a few minutes ago, did not have a Christmas in advance for Inzaghi and his meager troop. If Lazio really wants to compete for fourth place it cannot waste energy in the middle of the week. This evening he has amply demonstrated it, playing great for half an hour, as he is doing in the league, and then surrendering to the ferocious application of Celtic, engaged in head to head with the eternal rivals of the Rangers in a tournament that exalts but does not consume. Celtic from ancient glory but we cannot count among the queens of the continent, good, orderly, with technically valuable players like Forrest, Christie, Jullien, incorruptible peders of adversaries like Brown who runs growling towards the forty springs, with youngsters with a rosy future Edouard that Lazio had spotted last summer, well assembled by local glory Lennon. But overall modest, let's say from our medium-low ranking in our league.The truth is that when Lazio lowers the number of holders, also Lazio becomes from medium-low ranking. And even when the owners are forced to work overtime. Never seen an Acerbi so in doll, never seen a Caicedo so absent, unfortunately too often seen a so abulic Milinkovic. Of course, Lazio could also win, because after the Scottish draw the goalkeeper Forster overcame himself by diverting two shots to secure a shot for Immobile and Luis Alberto, but it is also true that the Celtic men showed up again in front of Strakosha , twice Luis Felipe and Vavro stopped almost certain goals, twice the Albanian goalkeeper put his gloves on. And often, too often, the players in the blue-white jersey were the ones to cast the net. It was Milinkovic in farce snatching the ball before Forrest equalized the score with a powerful diagonal. And it was Berisha who served the ball which, having reached Ntcham, took away all hope from Lazio to overcome a group of Europa League that seemed simple enough. This is the rose of Lazio, this passes the convent.

Inzaghi, like a Carthusian, counts his men and discovers he remains as Don Falcuccio, bitter chews and goes on as he can. He must even nail one as a clearly incapacitated Caicedo to the field due to the shoulder injury he sustained last Sunday, because of attackers – Correra out of order – others have none. Some choices in the exchange can be criticized – Lucas Leiva was certainly not among the worst – but these are details that matter little. It counts that Jony has failed yet another opportunity, Berisha risks remembering this game with the word "the end" on the screen. Lazio can console itself with its first half hour, owner of the field, dissolved, dominant. Neil Lennon had corrected the set-up of the first leg, despite ten men out of eleven having been confirmed. The only news was Hayes in place of the injured Bolingoli, a midfielder for a defender, a three-man defense to thicken the midfield.

It seemed, for thirty minutes as already mentioned, that the contraption had not produced the desired results. Lazio rampant, Lucas Leiva lord of their own half field, fanned out on the side lanes where above all Lazzari took the breath away from the Scottish sideways calibrating crossbars to the kiss that after just eight minutes blown on the hair of a bunch of players in front of the door of Celtic finally arriving on the platter of Immobile, all alone. IS Ciro does not fail these days. Only a miraculous recovery of Jullien on the blue-white bomber has avoided doubling. It was enough that Lazio slackened the pace a little so that Scottish rage translated into a reversal of forces. Celtic to mix balls, Parolo and Milinkovic crushed towards his own area, zero supplies to the front, where Immobile sowed terror even after the Lazio goal number 101 and the seasonal one number 13. There is only one Immobile. And there is only one Lazzari that pushes and bowl millimeter crosses. If he also disappeared in the second half, it was not his fault but a team that was now overwhelmed and no longer looked for him. Celtic promoted and with merit. Cluj almost. Lazio? Better to think of Lecce.


Lazio-Celtic 1-2 (first half 1-1)

Markers 7 'pt Building (L), 39' pt Forrest (C), 49 'st Ntcham (C)

Assist: 7 'pt Lazzari (L), 39' pt Elyounoussi (C)

Lazio (3-5-2): Strakosha; Luiz Felipe, Vavro (36 'st Berisha), Acerbi; Lazzari, Parolo, Leiva (13 'st Luis Alberto), Milinkovic, Jony (13' st Lulic); Caicedo, Immobile. All. Inzaghi

Celtic (4-2-3-1): Forster; Elhamed (38 'st Bitton), Jullien, Ajer, Hayes; Brown, McGregor; Forrest (44 'st Bauer), Christie (31' st Ntcham), Elyounoussi; Edouard. All. Lennon

Referee: Stieler (Ger)

Booked: 42 'pt Caicedo (L), 6' st Brown (C)

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