Libertino: "Naples, something does not come back. Bitter bit for the players and question about the Champions …"


The Minformo TV journalist returned to the possible causes that led to the delicate moment at home in Naples where executives and football players are protagonists.

Giuseppe Libertino, journalist of Minformo TV, commented on the difficult time at home Naples: "The whistles of those few fans or presumed to be at the stadium for an open-door training (really out of place) and the last banners displayed in the city probably close the cycle of this team that has come a step away from great success in these years "In the chaos of the last few hours: whistles, insults, images and funny audio streams have made the rounds of our smartphones. But they didn't tell us that nothing happened in the womb of San Paolo on Tuesday night. Possibly the players lost so much the head to have such a disproportionate reaction and skip the order of the withdrawal imposed by President De Laurentiis? Something does not come back ".

Then he added: "The family-run company and the technical guide consisting of father, son and relatives probably blew up the bank. The players no longer wanted to swallow the bitter taste that was already bitter. The square is tired and has gone on the attack. But this attack, for the moment, seems to be aimed only at the "boys", guilty of having refused the withdrawal after the post-race chaos with the Salzburg in the Champions League. We wait tomorrow night where there will be more fans at Fuorigrotta. The company had already undermined the serenity of the boys: first attacking the 'troublemaker' Insigne, then the 'mercenaries' Callejon and Mertens. All this happened in Eurovision by Adl, but 'face to face' what will they really be said? We can only imagine it. in a certain sense he disappointed: a total company that accepted anything to achieve his goals and objectives, not only did he like the team's retreat after a year and a half of I work with Napoli, he also disappointed because of the lack of identity that led to the team. Ancelotti entered a small personal psychological crisis when he realized that without champions or flags he could hardly bring a title home after his extraordinary career. A career built with the giants of soccer. This chaos was also generated because in that family regime of the blue society the De La have never foreseen different managerial figures. It is also true that, in Milan or Rome, they did not bear good fruit, but Giuntoli alone is not enough for experience and charisma. Communication has also stumbled into difficult times in recent years. And finally, the last football blue market was improvised: too many supplies, few purchases, difficulty in selling important pieces at desired prices and purchases of duplicates, see Lozano-Insigne. To all this has been added the poor performance of some big and the omelette is done. In Naples there is still a mutiny from De Napoli to Insigne and his companions passing through Oscar Magoni. One difference: the truth is not known and perhaps it will never be known. There are those who invent, those who take advantage, those who exaggerate and those who write unilaterally because of strong economic interests, in short, in the whirlwind of total exploitation. Even a part of the press and a slice of fans did their bad part. I do not know if it will be possible to re-create a more or less strong Naples in the coming years, it is difficult to win with the De Laurentiis. We must also note that the De Laurentiis are at the top of Italian football as they have taken advantage of the total darkness of Milan over the last few years. Should the Champions League milestone be missing for a year, probably the only goal of the company, what would happen? We hope not, the Napoli if he presses his foot on the accelerator, he would go with his eyes closed. The fans are at the mercy of the waves, today they are only worried about the future blue and it passes quickly from "Ciro" Mertens to Mertens "go away". Same fate for the Callejon, the Insigne and Allan: it's a difficult time. What a mess you don't sell them first. Tomorrow Napoli – Genoa to Paolo, only then will we understand the reaction of the team and the company. In Naples all responsible, all guilty of this fool ".

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