Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni divided in Tuscany: does the Ceccardi card split the center-right?


Matteo Salvini officially started the electoral campaign to snatch the Region in 2020 Tuscany to the left. This morning, together with the municipal councilors of the League, Salvini held a meeting with journalists a Palazzo Vecchio, where the Florentine Municipal Council meets. However, the center-right coalition has not yet decided who will be the president of the region. Above all, the party to which the candidate will belong is not yet known governor. On this Alloy is Brothers of Italy I still don't agree: Salvini would like the presidency for himself, while Giorgia Meloni, which almost certainly got the governor candidate in the Marche and Puglia, would like to express a candidate, and had proposed the television host Paolo Del Debbio, which, however, has already declined the offer.

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The differences on the candidate between the two allies of the center-right coalition exists, as the conquest of the presidency of Red region par excellence it would be epochal. Salvini has not resolved the reservations about the candidate he would like to propose. The name that circulates is that of Susanna Ceccardi (former mayor of Cecina), currently elected MEP for the League with 48,000 preferences in central Italy (second only to Salvini). But from Palazzo Vecchio, Salvini warns: "There is a rose of 4-5 profiles of the League that would be excellent local administrators (…) By November 30, when I will attend a dinner in Florence with more than a thousand people, we will know the name of the candidate governor ". For Fratelli d'Italia he thought about it Giovanni Donzelli to exclude any principle of agreement on the profile of the candidate: "Salvini does not decide the candidate of the coalition. We must sit down and decide by mutual agreement", the Tuscan Fdi deputy clarified.

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