in Brescia-Torino the bench is played


Everything is played at the "Rigamonti" Mazzarri: the points to remove the exemption. But in the case of k.o. Cairo can call Gattuso

The undeniable signs of recovery that Turin has shown in the derby have reduced but not eliminated the ripples of the sea in which Walter is sailing Mazzarri. In Brescia it will be the her game, even more than it was the stracittadina against Juventus. After two consecutive defeats, only one point in the last four and a goal scored in the last five, points are needed for his Taurus. But above all they serve the technician of San Vincenzo, confirmed by Cairo on more than one occasion but whose bench is still shaky. And it could fall especially in the case of a new defeat at the "Rigamonti". Scenario, this, which would relegate the grenades to the slums of the standings: the third last place is just three points away and would be even closer if the Rondinelle (currently penultimate) were to achieve success.

Mazzarri, last chance in Brescia

Today at 2pm, meanwhile, the technician will return to speak on the eve of a challenge after the silence that preceded both the Roma trip and the derby. His has been a busy week. Started with a heated debate with a fan ("I have a clear conscience", had replied WM to the criticisms reached from the stands) and continued with work in the Philadelphia fort.

Turin, Cairo monitors Gattuso in case of change

Saturday at 3pm it will be all or nothing. And the risks, for Mazzarri, are real. If nothing else, because the stop that will arrive immediately after the “Rigamonti” challenge could allow the club a softer change on the bench: the next match, the one against Inter, will in fact only arrive on November 23rd. The name that Cairo is monitoring for the eventual replacement in the race is that of Rino Gattuso. But first, in Brescia, Mazzarri's reaction will be seen at work. Which is at a crossroads: either turning or goodbye Toro.

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