De Laurentiis wants to denounce the players to the Federal Prosecutor's Office! Contact the arbitration panel


Aurelio De Laurentiis has long compared himself with the lawyer Mattia Grassani after the mutiny of the blue team.

Yesterday, Aurelio De Laurentiis, has long compared with the lawyer Mattia Grassani after the mutiny of the Neapolitan team and now, it is read on today's edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport, intends to report his players to the federal prosecutor's office and to contact the arbitration board. He wants to ask for the reduction of his fees and to sue his players to refer, in his opinion, to the image damage they are causing him.

The Neapolitan society yesterday issued the following communique: "The Company informs that, with reference to the behavior of the players of its first team yesterday evening, Tuesday 5 November 2019, it will proceed to protect its economic, patrimonial, image and disciplinary rights in each competent office. furthermore, he has entrusted the decision-making responsibility in relation to the execution of collection days by the first team to the coach of Carlo Ancelotti himself.

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