Goodbye to the Alfa Romeo 4C: the super light sports car is about to say goodbye


According to rumors to be confirmed officially Alfa Romeo 4C it was cancelled. The sportiest car in the current Alfa Romeo range soon to go out of production. In fact, there is no vehicle in the new business plan of the Biscione car company that currently only has 4 cars: 3 suvs and a sedan. So for Alfa Romeo 4C there will be no more space. The car was selling less and less units both in Europe and in the United States where he had initially found some success.

Alfa Romeo 4C regards, the sportiest car in the Biscione range will soon be out of production

The Coupe is exit from the US market in 2018, but with all the production now canceled, the only new 4Cs left to potential buyers are those that remain in the inventories of retailers and in the French market that means about 20 models. As a reminder, the Alfa Romeo 4C it is powered by a four-cylinder turbo engine it produces 240 horses. It stands out for its lightweight mid-engine design. Recall that in recent days also projects related to new ones Alfa Romeo GTV and 8C that at first they had been foreseen among the novelties of the Biscione in the next years they won't arrive anymore.

With the farewell to Alfa Romeo 4C therefore the historic Milanese brand has cut its tradition of sports cars by focusing on SUVs. With the aim of growing in the number of registrations Alfa Romeo has decided to follow the fashions of the moment that see the suvs at the center of attention of most customers in almost all the markets of the world.

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